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Lulu’s Kitchen is OPEN

Breakfast at our Anaheim restaurant is the perfect SoCal experience; laidback, casual and full of delicious food. Choose your favorite California-inspired creation for breakfast or catch a cocktail starting at 4pm.

Hand pouring syrup on pancakes

a magically inspired breakfast

You’re never too old to enjoy a little magic. Enjoy your breakfast at our hotel right by Disneyland®. Hotel Lulu® takes inspiration straight from your favorite childhood memories at breakfast to start your Disneyland Park® experience.

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room service dining & drinks

After an exciting day of travel in SoCal or fun in the park, recharge with comforting meals and drinks that your whole group will love in the convenience of your own room. Choose between 12 different food menu options. Mix it up with room service at our hotel in Anaheim.

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Lulu Coffee located in the Lobby of Hotel Lulu in Anaheim, CA